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Smith Count Right to Life Fundraising Program

In Cooperation with the Kroger Community Rewards

Update for August 2015:  If you signed up during the past year, you must renew that again for this year. Follow the same instructions below.

We are now participating in a new fundraising program called Kroger Community Rewards. With this program, you can shop at any Kroger store and a percentage of your purchase amount is donated by Kroger to Smith County Right to Life. This is at no cost to you. We hope that you will help us raise much needed funds by using this program with us.

If you shop at Kroger, then you most likely have one of their Kroger Plus Shoppers Cards. These are the cards that you carry in your purse, wallet or on your keychain that you have scanned by the cashier to receive discounts and fuel rewards and such. These cards when linked to our organization and used by you at the time you make a Kroger purchase will result in donations to Smith County Right to Life. If you do not have one of these cards, you can get one for free at the service desk of any Kroger store.

Here is how to do it:  If you already have an account at, just Sign In to your account at, then select the button My Account that you will see at the top of the screen. That will bring up your Account Summary listing all the details about your account. It will show your Plus Card Number, store location and more. At the bottom of that page, you will see the Community Rewards section. There you can select our group to register your Kroger Plus card to. There should be a search bar visible. You can find us by our NPO # which is 89359, or you can type in Smith County Right to Life and then click the Search button. That should show us a group that you can select. Just click the little circle by our name and then click Enroll. You will get an email confirmation.

If you do not already have an online account with Kroger, it is easy to set up one and help us. Just go to and follow the instructions that are shown to you. Be sure to look for the section to register your Kroger Plus card to our group. Search by our NPO # 89359 or our name, Smith County Right to Life and select the little circle by our name and click Enroll.

Nearly everything you purchase at the Kroger store qualifies with this program; groceries, produce, flowers, prescriptions, deli, gift cards for department stores, restaurants, online merchants, home supply stores and more. There are some items that do not qualify for a donation with this program, they are; alcohol, tobacco, fuel, government assisted prescriptions, postage stamps, lottery tickets, cash type gift cards like Kroger gift cards, Visa cards, etc. See the enclosed brochure for more details.

We hope that you will join this program and help us just by shopping at the Kroger store. It is open to anyone, not just our local members. So ask your friends and family to help us as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help in registering your card with our group.

Smith County Right to Life

118 Ballenger Rd.

Carthage TN 37030