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Smith County
Right To Life

As a non-profit, charitable organization, Smith County Right to Life is working to advocate respect for human life through public education, protective public policy and the development of an active pro-life movement in our community.

Please join with us to protect the most valuable thing in the world, a human life.

We support life from conception to natural death!

Attention:  High school students of Smith County
It is time to enter our Pro-Life Oratory Contest

Research and deliver a short 5-7 minute speech on your choice these subjects; Stem Cell Research, Abortion, Eutanasia or Infanticide and win cash prices up to $100 in our contest and even more if you advance to the State Contest.

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Tennessee Right to Life

National Right to Life
New Life Thrift Store

Get your Choose Life license plate for your vehicle. They are available at the County Clerks Office for $36. Your current plate does not have to be expired. You can get this plate for a pro-rated fee by turning in your old plate. The funds help Pro-Life organizations. Show your support to LIFE


Front license plates for your car are also available from the Tennessee Right to Life

Smith County Right to Life, Carthage TN

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